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Spine Pain

At the Center for Spine, Joint & Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, we have been treating Spine Pain in the Greater Nashville, TN area since 2003.


Spine Pain

When there’s pain in your spine, it can spread and cause problems in your back muscles, your limbs and your whole life. Your life becomes centered around dealing with the feeling of the symptom, managing the pain and figuring out what your pain will and will not allow you to do. But life shouldn’t be this way. You should be the one in control – not your pain. At the Center for Spine & Joint, we can offer you pain management in Nashville for real solutions to spine pain that will give you the upper hand over your symptom. Make an appointment with our Nashville spine pain experts, so we can evaluate you to learn more about what’s causing your pain and come up with a tailored treatment program for it. Schedule your first appointment by calling 615-872-9966 or using our online form.

How Does Spine Pain Start?

There are many problems that can occur with your spine and create back pain in Nashville patients — this includes problems that happen over time through aging and those that occur because of an accident or other injury to your spine. It’s also possible to gain pain from poor lifestyle habits such as sleeping or sitting with bad body form. Additionally, pain can be caused by diseases or health conditions that create spine pain, such as scoliosis or osteoarthritis. One of the likely culprits is a problem with the cushy discs between your spine’s vertebrae. These discs could be slipped out of their normal position, degenerating or bulging.

You could have pain in different areas of your spine, such as thoracic spine pain, lumbar spine pain, upper spine pain or cervical spine pain. And you might experience ongoing pain or acute pain. At our center, we provide upper, mid and lower spine pain relief in Nashville for pain that ranges in intensity from mild to severe.

What Are Symptoms of Spine Pain?

The pain you are experiencing is a symptom itself, and it can be a symptom of various problems mentioned above. On top of pain, you might have inflammation, tense muscles, tingling, numbness and similar sensations in the same part of your body or another part that’s affected. With our team of specialist doctors, we can create a treatment program that focuses on all of the symptoms you’re experiencing, so you get true spine pain relief at our Nashville center.

Spine Pain Treatment in Nashville

You probably hope for relief from your ongoing or sharp pain without going in for such an extreme solution as surgery. We are able to offer many types of spine pain management in Nashville at SJNMR that could help you prevent the need for surgery. Surgery is definitely not the only option. Instead, our solutions include physical therapy, platelet rich plasma therapy, medication management and a host of other options.

We lean on high-tech options and a multi-disciplinary approach, so you’ll have a qualified Nashville spine pain doctor specialized in each part of your care. When we meet with you and give you a consultation, we’ll come up with a treatment approach just for your particular situation.

Effective Pain Management in Nashville

If you’re experiencing spine pain in Nashville, there is a solution even if you haven’t found successful pain management before. Our specialists can offer real pain relief through a customized approach. Make an appointment today through our online form or 615-872-9966.

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