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Knee Pain

At the Center for Spine, Joint & Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, we have been treating Knee Pain in the Greater Nashville, TN area since 2003.


Knee Pain

Your knee wakes you up throbbing or aching with pain. You stretch out your leg and the pain only gets worse. You try to walk, but your body tells you to favor your other side. Maybe your knee pain is bothering you all the time or maybe you have sharp pain that just started. You could have chronic knee pain that’s like the annoying acquaintance you can’t get off your back. Or you’ve got some severe knee pain that came on with an injury or just unexpectedly one day. It feels pretty extreme, but you’re waiting to see if it goes away.

Maybe you’re thinking doctors are unable to help without the use of surgery. At the Center for Spine, Joint, & Neuromuscular Rehabilitation we offer a full range of treatments and experts to solve your knee pain in Nashville once and for all. Our physicians are Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), also known as physiatrists, and are experts in non-surgical treatment of knee pain management in Nashville, TN. Physiatrists are specially trained physicians that are specialist in treating knee pain without surgery. PM&R physicians are trained to treat nerve, muscle and bone injuries or chronic conditions that affect how you move.


If you’re ready to lose that knee pain once and for all, just make an appointment with us by calling 615-872-9966. We’ll figure out your knee problem and use our top-notch technology and treatments to help treat your pain and get rid of it.  

What are Common Symptoms of Serious Knee Pain?

Your knee is bothering you. You’re probably trying to learn more about what the problem could be. Since you can find everything right at your fingertips on the internet these days, that’s what brought you here. So what kinds of symptoms might you experience with an injury or other knee problem? Sure, your pain is one of the symptoms. But it might come along with weakness, strange sounds, redness, swelling, warmth, stiffness and a lack of mobility. Experiencing these kinds of symptoms? It may be time to get your knee checked out by a professional.

What Causes Knee Pain?

Of course, you want to figure out what is causing your knee pain, whether it’s pain in the back of the knee or in a different spot. Once you know the cause, you can figure out a solution, right? There are many causes of knee pain, including an injury, arthritis, a joint issue, a mechanical problem or other concerns.

Just keep in mind that reading online doesn’t give all the information you would need to diagnose your own knee problem. You need a knee pain specialist for that. And if you’re concerned enough about your issue to invest time in researching symptoms, causes, and treatments, it’s probably time to get it checked out by a medical expert.

What Can be Done for Knee Pain?

This is what you really want to know, right? More than likely the #1 question in your mind is the same one all of our knee patients come to us with: “Can anything be done to make the pain go away?” And the answer is, “Yes, absolutely.” Even if you’ve been to doctors for your knee before, and you lost faith in them when they couldn’t help you, don’t give up. You haven’t explored every option yet. We know that because our pain clinic has solutions that other doctors just don’t offer. We make sure we find a treatment that works for you. We refuse to give up on you.

Our recommended Nashville knee pain treatments will depend on why you have that pain, or the cause. We’ll tailor our solution to the root cause of your pain. In some cases, we’ll use platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP, as the main treatment within our Nashville, TN pain management. We use this treatment for all sorts of knee problems because it works. We’ve seen amazing results ranging from knee sprains to partially torn ligaments.  In other cases we might recommend physical therapy if your knee pain is coming from hip issues, gait problems or spinal misalignment. We might also turn to oral medications to relieve the pain or a swollen knee, joint fluid replacement therapy or injections with the help of ultrasound. 

How About My Arthritic Knee Pain?

We can handle that too. Our Nashville knee pain specialists have seen amazing results with our treatments and Nashville arthritis patients. Many arthritis treatments are available that, again, depends on the cause of your knee pain, including work to decrease arthritis inflammation, as well as PRP therapy, injections and physical therapy to strengthen and stabilize the joints around the knee. It all just depends on our patient as we tailor our knee pain protocols to each individual and their needs.

At SJNMR, we are experts at knee pain. We’ve had patients come in with overwhelming knee pain, work with our knee pain specialists, and walk out eventually completely pain-free. We really believe in our ability to help anyone and everyone. From our advanced knee pain treatment techniques to our Board Certified Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physicians, we truly believe that any issue you have, we can work with. Whether you’ve been fighting your knee pain for years, or you tweaked your knee yesterday, our providers are the foremost knee pain specialists in the greater Nashville area and are dedicated to helping you find relief.

Let Us Get You on the Road to Recovery?

Looking for the best knee pain doctor in Nashville for your acute or ongoing pain? Come to The Center for Spine & Joint, where we can offer a range of top doctors under one roof. We have a collection of specialists and techniques so we can find the solution to your pain and offer you real relief in Nashville for knee joint pain and other kinds of pain. Call us at 615-872-9966 to make your appointment and start feeling better.

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