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Hip Pain

At the Center for Spine, Joint & Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, we have been treating Hip Pain in the Greater Nashville, TN area since 2003.


Hip Pain

Are you one of countless Middle Tennesseans in the greater Nashville area experiencing hip pain? Pain in your hip can be especially uncomfortable and difficult because it affects and is affected by all of your everyday movements — you can experience hip pain when sitting or walking. Hip pain can extend to other areas of your body, turning into knee pain, groin pain, thigh pain and back pain, as you overcompensate for the pain and other areas have to work harder.

If you’ve been feeling like you have to just deal with the pain, it’s time to open yourself up to new methods of pain management in Nashville. At the Center for Spine & Joint, we provide solutions for chronic and acute hip pain to Nashville residents that go beyond the normal treatments you find in a pain clinic or general doctor’s office. To make an appointment for your consultation, where we would come up with a specialized treatment plan for you, call us at 615-872-9966.

What are the Causes of Hip Pain?

Your hip pain could have started due to various related problems. Hip pain can result from different types of hip arthritis, including osteoarthritis or septic arthritis. Pinched nerves from a herniated disc in the spine, sciatica or other problems can also lead to hip pain. Another cause of hip pain is an injury. There are different types of injuries that can occur, including sprains, a fracture, tendinitis (tendon swelling) or trochanteric bursitis (swelling of the bursa sac by the hip joint). In some cases, the pain is from cancer or other problems.  

You could have hip joint pain, pain in the bone, muscle pain or other concerns. Often, you have either left hip pain or right hip pain just in the one side, although you could also have it on both sides depending on the cause. Whether you have it on one or both sides can help us diagnose the underlying problem beneath your hip pain. Hip pain can also be dull and ongoing or sharp and severe, but either type is bad because it affects your life so much.


Since there are so many types and causes of hip pain, it’s essential to get a proper diagnosis from a hip pain doctor in Nashville. Without that, it’s difficult to treat the actual problem that is causing the chronic or extreme pain. For proper pain management in Nashville, our team of experts creates a specialized plan based on your initial consultation and diagnosis.

How is Hip Pain Treated?

While hip pain treatment in Nashville may come in different forms, we use teamwork and technology at SJNMR as our hip pain management methods. Since hip pain has various causes and often affects different parts of the hip and body, you will generally not find hip pain relief from a Nashville doctor who only offers limited specialties. At our center, we have more success in treating pain because we use a team approach with our board-certified physicians that are specialized in different areas. In the same place, you can have hip pain therapy, pain medication, injections, and various other treatments.

We also use top technology both to diagnose and treat pain. For instance, we rely on platelet-rich plasma therapy, also known as PRP, which uses natural platelets to help the hip heal itself faster. We might use this and other treatments for hip bursitis in our Nashville office, as well as for injuries and other sources of pain. To get an individualized diagnosis and treatment plan, call us at 615-872-9966 to make your first appointment.

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